IFCAE Project Archives
Between 1998 and 2012 IFCAE conducted hundreds of projects from short-term writing contacts by individuals to large multi-year research studies involving dozens of scientists, students, interns and others.  A partial list can be found in the table below.

The deliverables from these projects including publications, posters, videos and other materials have been widely distributed through academic databases and other outlets.  Some of the larger projects have their own website and have been relocated to the personal websites of individual investigators.  If you search the title of the project on Google the top level results should show you where they have been relocated.  ResearchGate has a large percentage of the materials available for free download.  If the material is copyrighted such as a book or journal article and there is no link then you will need to go to a university library and search for it through Academic Search Premier or another similar tool.  If you are not a student or professor typically your local college or university library will allow you to search and download the materials for free from a library terminal.

If you have questions or need help finding these older materials contact the archivist: eric.t.jones@wilamit.net
Mapping Socio-Ecological Meanings of Olympic Peninsula Landscapes 2009-2012
Small Woodland Income Opportunities through Economic & Ecological Diversification 2009-2012
Nontimber Forest Product Information Exchange (Link to External Website) 2009-2012
Ecological Literacy: Across Geographies, Generations and Economies Concept Development 2009
Northwest Ethnobotanical Conservation Program 2009-1012
Urban Foraging 2008-2012
Decision Support System Tool Analysis 2008-2011
Jepara Forest Conservancy 2007-2012
Congo Basin Aka Education 2007-2009
West Eugene Wetlands Ethnobotany Resource Area 2007-2009
Nontimber Forest Product Dev. & Tech Assistance in the Middlefork Willamette Watershed 2007
Iroquois Social Enterprise Development 2007
Oregon Woodland Cooperative Biodiversity Economics Analysis 2006
Anti-Dengue Communications Study: Personal Protection Methods in Dengue Thailand 2007
Economic Dev. Opportunities and Challenges for NTFPs In Colorado’s Pinyon-Juniper 2006
International Nontimber Forest Product Policy Manual 2006
Controlling the Forest Understory:  Wild Mushroom Politics in Central Oregon 2006
Participatory Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring Handbook and Training Curriculum 2004-05
Informal – Formal Economy Interface: A Literature Review 2004-05
Northwest Forest Plan Socio-Economic Monitoring Case Studies 2003-07
Nontimber Forest Products Curriculum Development 2004-05
Ecofeminism: Exploring the Linkages Between Environmental and Social Justice 2004
Making it on the Margins: Morel Markets, Policy and Livelihood in Western Montana 2002-03
U.S. Nontimber Forest Product Management and Biodiversity Conservation 2002-03
Bringing Wildcrafters to the Int. Policy Table: Reflections on the 12th World Forest Congress 2003
Access, Labor, and Wild Floral Greens Management in Western Washington's Forests 2002
Conservation, Commerce, and Conflict: Natural Resource Problem-solving in the PNW 2002, 2004
Mushroom Monitoring Project 2000-2001
Understanding Interactions Among Winter Recreationists at Marble Mountain Sno-Park 2000, 2000
Mali Community Forestry Exchange 2000
Survey of Forest Service Nontimber Forest Product Regulations 1999 & 2004
Non Timber Forest Products in the United States 1998-2002
Teaching Case Study on Interdisciplinary and Sustainable Forestry Research 1997