WORLD STEWARD World Steward is an environmental education program based at the Little White Salmon Biodiversity Reserve and Highland Farm.  Please visit the World Steward website for more information and how you can get involved.
The Little White Salmon Biodiversity Reserve is the name given to a collection of parcels purchased over a 35 year period in the Columbia River Gorge near White Salmon.  The land totals over 1,000 acres stretching from the river to the platuea and includes varied microclimates.  It is an idea place to teach ecological priciples and practices.  You can read more about the reserve at World Steward and our Facebook page.
IFCAE Project Archives
Between 1999 and 2012 IFCAE was focused on applied reseach and conducted hundreds of projects from short-term writing contacts by individuals to large multi-year research studies involving dozens of scientists, students, interns and others.  A partial list of these projects and deliverables is available here.
Looking for another Institute for Culture and Ecology? We know of a few other organizations with similar names to ours.  We don't mind, we hope more organizations emerge that consider culture and ecology with equal weight.  Here is one, they seem to be doing great projects in Africa!  Here is a link